7 Tips to help your dog lose weight

Is your furry friend overweight or obese?  Are you having a hard time helping him to achieve healthy weight? Get connected in these 7 super tips!

1. Start by reducing the total daily food served by 10 to 15%. In general, they don’t feel this reduction which already makes a lot of difference in the caloric intake. But if you find your dog hungrier, add some cooked chayote or zucchini to his food to complement and add volume. It will not hurt the lower abd desirable calory intake!

2. If you cook for your pup, prefer ultra-lean meats to compose meals, at least until the pet reaches the desirable weight range. Boneless fish or chicken breast, for example, are considerably less caloric than beef and pork (even considering lean cuts). Use and abuse them!

3. The more meals and snacks your pet makes during the day, the more insulin will be produced and it has an adipogenic effect (forms fat deposits). A golden tip to optimize the pet’s metabolism is to serve fewer meals a day, as long as your pup tolerates well being fasted. A good idea is an intermittent fast with a window. Serve 2 meals a day in an 10-12 hour period (example: 7 am to 7 pm) and do not serve anything until the next day, when the cycle repeats. This strategy helps to control weight, reduces concentration of toxins, increases mood and strengthens immunity.

4. If you prefer to offer 3 meals, that’s fine. But between meals try not to offer anything. Or create hypocaloric snacks, such as raw radish or cucumber sticks, crispy stalks of lettuce and cooked chayote and zucchini with herbs.

5. Encourage your dog to exercise within his rhythm. For obese pets with joint issues, water exercises are a good option. Always consult your veterinarian to make sure what kind of exercises your dog is able to perform.

6. Didn’t your pup lose weight? Investigate sabotage points. Is your dog eating the cat’s food? Is he getting snacks from someone? Does he have thyroid dysfunction? Is always a good idea to talk about it with your veterinarian.

Remember: your dog cannot open the fridge! Keeping him at a healthy weight prevents dozens of preventable diseases.

7. Prefer natural ingredients over high-processed dog food. It definitely accelerates the process of losing weight and more than that, natural dog food helps maintaining a healthier body condition.

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